Canals & Waterways

    Get lost in the waterways of Bangkok
              Experience the famous local Thai waterways by travelling on boats through a maze of canals and rivers. This is how the Thai people commuted in days of old. However unlike the usual over crowded canal tours of Bangkok, our exclusively designed tour will take you to a neighbouring province where it’s uncrowded, unhurried and undisturbed. Here the canals are cleaner, people friendlier and the experience unforgettable.
             This tour will reveal to you what a big role the canals and waterways played in the development of Bangkok, as we wind our way past stilted houses over the water’s edge, floating vendors selling anything from fruit to souvenirs to household appliances. In this part of the world the people still use the canals to bathe, wash dishes and clothes, even the postal service use the canals to deliver mail. This is a day on the authentic local side of life in Thailand as we mingle exclusively with the locals travelling by Tuk Tuk and three different types of boats – the large River taxi, smaller Long tail boat and also the tiny Rocket boat. Not only are the sights amazing but even the atmosphere and attitude of the people is charming and welcoming.


         We meet at 8.00 a.m. at the Just Nok shop where we’ll go over the day’s program, then walking through local community along the water moat to the pier. From here we’ll catch the river taxi heading north up the Chao Phraya river to the province of Nonthaburi – a charming provincial town with an old fashioned clock tower, cyclos (bicycle taxis), a fresh market and early 20th Century European-style civic buildings.
         After spending some time wandering around in the market, we hop into a long tail boat for an explosive ride into the residential side of Nonthaburi where we’ll visit a temple with a reclining Buddha nearly as big as the famous one in Bangkok. From here we take the small rocket boat to zip through the narrower canals and back into time, with lots of commentary from the boat driver about life on the canals. We break for a lunch at a small local floating market where farmers bring their fruits and vegs as well as local produce to sell here.
         After lunch, our rocket boat will take us to meet the long tail boat and we will have a good relaxing ride back to Nonthaburi where we will get the river taxi back to Bangkok. Then the last form of transportation back to the shop – the famous ride of Bangkok – Tuk Tuk.

    Tour availability

    This tour runs every day.
    Bookings can be made via this site or by calling Nok


    Starting time

    We meet at 8.00 a.m.

    at the Just Nok Bike Tours shop 


    3,400 Baht per person.

    A deposit of 300 Baht is required and the remainder can be paid in cash at the start of the tour.

    Facts and Information

    Style :             Boat-a-bout
    Inclusions :      Local English speaking guide, water and snacks, local lunch, all transport costs and accident insurance
    Group Size :    Minimum 2 – Maximum 8.
    Duration :        About 7 Hours.
    Attractions :   Boat rides, Chao Phraya river, Local fresh market, Canal communities, Large Buddha image at temple, Local Floating Market

    Starting point of the tour

    Start at Just Nok Bike Tours Shop 

    Direction in Thai for taxi driver:
    ร้านจัสนกไบค์ทัวร์ เลขที่ตั้ง 18/6 อยู่บนถนนประชาธิปไตยใกล้กับสะพานวันชาติ ถ้ามาจากอนุสาวรีย์ประชาธิปไตย ให้เลี้ยวเข้าถนนดินสอหน้าโรงเรียนสตรีวิทยา ตรงไปข้ามแยกไฟแดงขึ้นสะพาน สุดสะพานแล้วตรงไปอีก 50 เมตร ร้านจะอยู่ขวามือ (ฝั่งตรงข้ามเป็นทางเข้าโรงแรมสุขาวดี และตู้โทรศัพท์ TOT)

    Location in English: No. 18/6 Prachathipatai Road, Wanchat Bridge (opposite to Sukavadee Hotel), Baan Panthom, Pranakhon, Bangkok.
    If you need help with direction, please call us on (+66) 084 308 6098.
    Before booking the tour, please read our > BOOKING CONDITIONS <.