Crazy Markets

    ‘Being Thai for a day and mingle with the locals’

            Get a glimpse into true Thai lifestyle by visiting two of the strangest markets you’ll ever see. Become Thai for the day as we use lots of local transport to experience part of the lifestyle not usually seen by foreigners. You’ll see the jaw-dropping train market where the train passes inches from your face and leaves you asking why? why? why?
         Another market we’ll visit is one of Thailand’s largest seafood markets where it’s not only seafood that you’ll find, but also a unique way of life, centred around centuries old customs and traditions.
         This is a non cycle tour but as always we take you behind the scenes, by including some “local guides” to take you on a “sam lor ride” along to the river for some amazing experiences of hearing about their lifestyle, viewing spectacular scenery and just having fun – all in a town where the people are helpful and friendly and everyone and everything is at peace with each other and themselves.


         We meet at 7.30 A.M. at the Just Nok shop where we’ll go over the day’s program, before taking our first local form of transport south-west out of Bangkok. Out first port of call is the train market which the locals call the “Take your life in your hands” market. Be prepared for a sight that will rank amongst the weirdest in your life.
         After spending some quality time in this town, we’ll take this train through the market where you will experience it from inside the train itself. Then we will have lunch at a local restaurant among the salt field where you can learn how the salt is made from the local.
         After lunch we will take a local “song taew” to Mahachai where we’ll take a “sam lor” ride before having lunch at the port. We’ll spend some time walking around the market which sells mainly seafood with one or two things that you wouldn’t think is edible. Once we’ve had our fill of Mahachai, we’ll head on back to Bangkok by a local train arriving about 4.30 p.m.

    Tour availability

    This tour runs every day.
    Bookings can be made via this site by clicking on

    “Book this tour”

    or by calling Nok


    Starting time

    We meet at 7.30 a.m.

    at Just Nok Bike Tours shop.


    3,250 Baht per person.

    A deposit of 300 Baht is required and the remainder can be paid in cash at the start of the tour.

    Facts and Information

    Style : Walk-a-bout tour.
    Inclusions : Local English speaking guide, water and snacks, local lunch, all transport costs, accident insurance.
    Group size : Minimum 2 – Maximum 8.
    Duration : About 7 hours.
    Attractions : Local transport; train and fish markets; temples, Maeklong and Tajin river; Sam lor and Song Taew rides.

    Starting point of the tour

    Start at Just Nok Bike Tours Shop 

    Direction in Thai for taxi driver:

    ร้านจัสนกไบค์ทัวร์ เลขที่ตั้ง 18/6 อยู่บนถนนประชาธิปไตยใกล้กับสะพานวันชาติ ถ้ามาจากอนุสาวรีย์ประชาธิปไตย ให้เลี้ยวเข้าถนนดินสอหน้าโรงเรียนสตรีวิทยา ตรงไปข้ามแยกไฟแดงขึ้นสะพาน สุดสะพานแล้วตรงไปอีก 50 เมตร ร้านจะอยู่ขวามือ (ฝั่งตรงข้ามเป็นทางเข้าโรงแรมสุขาวดี และตู้โทรศัพท์ TOT)

    Location in English: No. 18/6 Prachathipatai Road, Wanchat Bridge (opposite to Sukavadee Hotel), Baan Panthom, Pranakhon, Bangkok.
    If you need help with direction, please call us on (+66) 084 308 6098.
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